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United States
I am getting started dragging myself into the 21st century. I don't much like computers, but am in the process of getting better at using them. I have a fledgling website @ wordpress. I am not greatly inclined to talk about myself.

I am willing to take requests - though I reserve the right to decline them. I will not do horror/ torture or erotica/ fetish. Merely scary or romantic are fine. I just won't touch the more extreme end of those genres. I am iffy on fan art - partly because I am not familiar with many of the characters and stories, and partly because I like to do original work.

I most often use traditional materials. Good digital art is currently beyond me, and likely to remain so. Certain types of light are a major migraine trigger for me, which limits how long at a time I can stand to be in front of a screen.


Meditations on a small cube
Just a silly sketch that will probably not be taken any farther, but which I hope you enjoy. ^_^
It's been a bit since I was on DA. I smushed my finger a couple weeks ago, and touching anything has been painful. I did, however learn a few things.

So...first off, I smushed my finger during my practical skills test for my lifeguard recertification class. We were doing spinal injury in deep water scenario, and my finger got caught between the backboard (and its 100+ pound load) and the edge of the pool. oooouch. Tore most of the nail and a good piece of fingerprint off. I told the instructor I was hurt, and she just said to ask one of the lifeguards on duty to get the first aid kit. Didn't even look at the blood dripping from my hand. So, Lesson #1: the stiff upper lip is good, and all, but every now and then screaming in pain is the better way to go. (and I'm really bad at screaming.) After finding the lifeguard, who looked rather irked at being interrupted while on break, I learned Lesson #2: not all "trained" personnel actually have a clue. He couldn't get the first aid kit open until I pointed out which side of the box the hinges were on. Then, after I asked for a gauze pad (because he was obviously not sure what to do) he offered me a band-aid. It turned out that, for some unfathomable reason, there were NO gauze pads in the first aid kit, and he figured that a band-aid was almost as good (nope). This was a 24x30" metal box - supposed to be a "professional grade" kit. You'd think gauze pads would be part of that, right? Granted, it was missing some other basic supplies, too, so it had probably been in use for a while, but those things are supposed to get checked and refilled on a regular basis. I had him get me a paper towel so I could at least keep from bleeding all over - since that is considered a biohazard around here - and then led him over to my bag and had him get out my little travel first aid kit, which actually has a gauze pad. Lesson #3: The Boy Scouts have it right: Be Prepared. What is "supposed to be" available might not be. I used a couple of band-aids to tape the gauze in place, bled through that, and used the paper towel to continue applying pressure (the lifeguard went back to his break) until the bleeding stopped. I talked to the instructor (who this time noticed the bandage), told her that their first aid kit needed restocking, and we discussed what I should do next to finish my recertification, since I still had 3 practicals to finish, rescheduling was not going to work, and getting that bandage wet in the pool would be a bad idea. Eventually she suggested that I put on an exam glove to keep it dry. The finger of the glove didn't fit over the bandage, so I cut the thumb off (which is bigger and did fit) and used a rubber band from my kit to hold it on. (recap Lesson #3) I bumped my finger a few times (and buried my face in the water so no one would hear my language - its hard to swear underwater, BTW), but finished my practicals. (yay!!) I was feeling really crappy by the time I got home. I added another layer of gauze, and crashed for a couple hours. My husband took care of feeding the kids, and got me a nice cuppa tea and a painkiller because I hurt so bad that food sounded awful. (That may sound odd to some people who have not been in great physical pain, but pain related nausea happens. Your body has priorities, and food is secondary to just dealing.) Lesson #4: support people are wonderful, and all too often taken for granted - until you really need them! It took me a while to figure out how to support my hand in such a way that my finger wouldn't touch ANYTHING (a rolled up hand towel worked), but I eventually was able to sleep... sort of. The next morning, I changed the bandage and disinfected everything (ooooouch again) and went back to class for the written test. I took an ice pack and a large bottle of tea with me (Ginger lemon is my happy juice) and passed my test. (I missed one, and wanted to smack myself when I saw why I'd missed it... I'd skipped a question and answered the next one twice. durrr....) So, bottom line: I got my recert! Lesson #5: If you want it badly enough, pain won't stop you. (Might slow you down a bit, though)
The whole experience just reinforced my long-held belief in self-reliance. Everyone should know basic first aid. And carry a small first aid kit (mine is an altoids mints tin).
So I've spent the last couple weeks figuring ways to do what needs to be done, and being grateful that most people will work around issues like this and work with you if you're doing the best you can. Whining is a waste of time. I'm finally able to start to use my finger somewhat normally again. Any sort of friction hurts, but just touching and holding things (carefully) is ok. And it doesn't hurt when my hand gets joggled, as long as the affected finger isn't bumped. ^_^ that was really the worst part. Which means that I can draw again! ^_^ huzzah! 
Well done. (AC 143)
For AnthroChallenge #143 - Triumph! 
I think the quote in the pic says it all. 
Need for Speed 2 (AC #142)
Jericho and Ocsar are an unlikely pair of friends. Jericho couldn't keep up with Oscar running, so he got out his 'blades. Oscar was fascinated and wanted a pair of his own, so they basically invented a platform that would accommodate his feet. It took a lot of practice because his center of balance is different and Jericho couldn't help much, but now they skate a lot. Skating also slows Oscar down a bit, so they are much more evenly matched.

For Anthrochallenge # 142 - Gnarly 80s. Roller skatess were actually invented centuries ago, but roller blades are much more recent. Invented in the 60s or 70s, and used by some Olympic ice skating hopefuls in training, they went mainstream in the 80s.

colored pencils on paper.
Life Flight
I would like to give a shout out, and "thank you" to all who help others, especially in times of great need - emergency, medical and hospice people, Good Samaritans, church and community groups, and especially the friends and family who bear the brunt of stress, difficult choices, and burden of care. May God bless you all.

If you would like to borrow this piece to color, you are welcome to do so. Please just give me a little credit. ^_^ (and if you'd be so inclined as to provide a link to your coloring in the comments, I'd love to see what you do with my work. Thanks.)

pencil on paper


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